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Child Care Extraordinaire

We have been supporting families and their children for over 20 years. We won't stop now in the face of adversity. The COVID-19 crisis is not to be taken lightly. We encourage all families to inform themselves, follow the guidelines of your County and State, pray or reach out for prayer and continue to use proper hygiene practices.Your families well being, health, and safety is always our first priority.

To continue to serve our community we have moved our child care services and enrichment programming online. How is that possible? Easy, we are relying on technology more than ever these days. As long as you have a computer and access to either of the following platforms listed below we can serve you. Child care services can be done through Facetime, Google hangouts, or Zoom. All platforms are free. If you are unfamiliar with the other platforms or have questions on download or install, email us at avidyouthinfo@gmail.com or call us at 805-253-2427.